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100 Mumineen children education Xclusive Kreators

Niyaz Jaman

Since the past 8 years we are doing Aqa Hussain (AS), Aqa Abbas Alamdar (AS) & Shohadaye Karbala Niyaz Jaman with the Tul-ul-Umr neeyat of our beloved Aqa Aaliqadar Maula (TUS). This year also the jaman is scheduled for 7th Safar-al-Muzaffar 1436 H (29th  November 2014) at Zenith Hall,  Near Saboo Siddique College, Shepherd Road, Mumbai - 400 008. Mumineens who wish to be a part of this azeem khidmat can contribute accordingly. As Aqa Maula Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) used to always say "Mumineen ne jamarvama ghanu sawaab che".

  • The cost of each thaal is INR 2,100

Distribution of Foodgrains

Every year during the holy month of Ramadan we distribute foodgrain packets to around 350 families depending on the funds raised. We have made a card for each family member as the personal survey is already conducted by us and only the most deserving people are called up and informed about the date and venue for collecting the foodgrain packets.

  • The cost of each packet this year would be INR 2,100
  • Approximate weight of each packet would be 27 Kgs
  • Mumineens please come forward and be a part of this noble cause


This project is executed along with the Distribution of Foodgrains every year during the holy month of Ramadan. We have around 250 families whose survey is done and they are called to the venue and handed over INR 500 cash each for Iftaari.

  • This year we are planning to increase the families to 350
  • All these families are from Mumbai Suburbs
  • Mumineens interested in funding this project can contact us




Education is a very important thing in life as there are a lot of dreams attached to it of the parents and children especially when the parents have gone through a lot of hardships for the child's education. We sponsor around 15 bright children every year for their education.

  • This year we want to increase the number to 25
  • We will provide with the academic records of the student to the sponsors
  • People interested in sponsoring a child can contact us for the details
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08 July 2010

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Niyaz Jaman

01 July 2010

We conduct Niyaz Jaman in the month of Safar just before Chehlum of Imam Hussain (AS) every year. Mumineens who are interested in contributing for the same can contact us.

Ziyarat Tour

29 June 2010

All the mumineens have one dream and that is to perform Hajj and visit Karbala Moalla once in a lifetime. Also there are many mumineens who are desirous of doing ziyarats in India.

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Distribution of Foodgrains

29 June 2010

This project is carried out every year during the holy month of Ramadan. Around 350 mumineen families are given foodgrains for the entire month.

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