about ummeed-01

We do not live in a perfect world but we all have our perfect moments in life. but there are many out there who struggle for even a freckle of happiness. This got us thinking as to how we could share some of what we are blessed with our less privileged brothers and sisters and that is how Ummeed – An initiative by Khidmatguzaars Charitable Trust was born with the objective of working together towards the betterment of others.

Ummeed – An initiative by Khidmatguzaars Charitable Trust is a nonprofit organization formed and run by individuals with varied interests but a common goal of the betterment of the society. Working primarily in the field of education, food grains distribution, medical aid and upliftment.

With the raza and dua mubarak of our beloved Spiritual leader Aqa Maula (TUS) we have been able to complete this journey and with your continued support we will only grow  from strength to strength and closer to our dream of an equal, enriching and beautiful world for all.